• I cannot express enough how happy I am for Elkhart and my wonderful experience being a part of the volunteers. Everyone is in harmony and the theater is just beautiful. All I have heard are wonderful things.
    by Jean Robinson on April 02, 2012
  • It was truly a great joy to work with so many wonderful volunteers (I feel like I have a new extended family). Every one was so upbeat and ready to do whatever was asked. To be a volunteer you have to love what you do. At the Jazz Festival, so many people stopped and chatted with me and talked about how much they enjoyed the grand opening and what a beautiful place we have in Elkhart. Thanks for giving me the opportunity of working with all of you.
    by Vernice Moore on April 02, 2012
  • Thank you for giving me the opportunity to be a part of the grand opening of the beautiful Lerner Theatre. It was a pleasure working with so many dedicated people. It gave me the opportunity to reconnect with friends as well as the Elkhart community.
    by LaVerne Castello on April 02, 2012
  • Incredible event in a beautiful location. Well done!
    by Lawson W Smith on April 05, 2012
  • I think The Lerner is the BEST thing that has ever come to Elkhart and is GREAT to see so many people from all over come to our town, many who may have never been here before. It was GREAT to have Central High Schools Prom there last year...love the renovation of the building and am PROUD to call Elkhart home! Love the free movies they have for kids and adults a like ...really needed something like this in our town!
    by Jannice Cunningham Mace on April 05, 2012
  • We appreciate the Lerner's commitment to make it a community place!
    by Anne K. Reel on April 26, 2012
  • The Lerner is a breath of fresh air and a fantastic beginning to a renewed Elkhart!
    by Liz Spangle on April 07, 2012
  • The Lerner has entirely changed the look of downtown Elkhart!
    by Patricia Crafford on April 07, 2012
  • Congratulations on the success the Lerner is experiencing. It is the latest and greatest asset to downtown Elkhart!
    by Jill Bruso Becker on April 07, 2012
  • "The Lerner Theatre continues to weave itself into Elkhart's fabric, which is a good thing for the entire community. In the six months after its renovation, between June and the end of 2011, the theater played host to more than 200 events. Last week it threw open its doors for a free screening of 'All Dogs Go to Heaven,' a benefit for the Humane Society of Elkhart County. Everybody won. Parents had a safe place to send their kids on a spring break afternoon. The Humane Society received badly needed supplies and monetary donations. And the Lerner further established itself as more than just a glittering concert venue; it showed a willingness to help the community however it can."
    by The Elkhart Truth on October 25, 2012
  • Hearty congratulations to you and your staff for the the incredibly wonderful job you did on the Kimball restoration. It exceeded all my expectations. In fact, it was the first AND ONLY time in my entire life that I have played a theater pipe organ where EVERYTHING, down to the smallest detail, worked flawlessly (every piston, every stop, every note on every rank). What a joy to have had that experience.
    by Bob Ralston on October 25, 2012
  • My husband was just there & got us 2 tickets for the Shawn Klush show. Moments later I got the ticket confirmation. I just wanted to say how awesome you people are and thank you so much for bringing back Shawn Klush. We saw him at the Lerner last year and the Show and the Theater were wonderful! Thanks so much!
    by Linda Andrews on February 11, 2013
  • Thanks again for such a wonderful experience with the Symphony a couple weeks back. We were immediately fond of the beautiful space and would love any reason to come back!
    by Hillary Reynolds & Peridot on May 01, 2017