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  • Saturday Sep 09 Doors open 7:00PM Show starts 8:00PM
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    Buddy Guy

    At age 79, Buddy Guy is a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee, a major influence on rock titans like Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, and Stevie Ray Vaughan, a pioneer of Chicago’s fabled West Side sound, and a living link to the city’s halcyon days of electric blues. Buddy Guy has received 7 GRAMMY Awards, a 2015 Lifetime Achievement GRAMMY Award, 34 Blues Music Awards (the most any artist has received), the Billboard Magazine Century Award for distinguished artistic achievement, a Kennedy Center Honor, and the Presidential National Medal of Arts. Rolling Stone Magazine ranked him #23 in its "100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time."

    These many years later, Buddy Guy is a genuine American treasure and one of the final surviving connections to an historic era in the country’s musical evolution. He keeps looking to the future of the blues through his ongoing work with his 16-year-old protégé, Quinn Sullivan.

    “I worry a lot about the legacy of Muddy, Wolf, and all the guys who created this stuff,” he says. “I want people to remember them. It's like the Ford car—Henry Ford invented the Ford car, and regardless how much technology they got on them now, you still have that little sign that says ‘Ford’ on the front.

    “One of the last things Muddy Waters told me—when I found out how ill he was, I gave him a call and said, ‘I'm on my way to your house.’ And he said, ‘Don't come out here, I'm doing all right. Just keep the damn blues alive.’ They all told me that if they left here before I did, then everything was going to be on my shoulders. So as long as I'm here, I'm going to do whatever I can to keep it alive.”

  • Saturday Sep 16 Doors open 6:30PM Show starts 7:30PM
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    Elkhart County Symphony: The Power of Brass

    Artisans in Brass, a brass quintet performing together since 2002 will join the Elkhart Symphony for an evening filled with a variety of music, classics and contemporary music spanning five centuries. Members of the group are Richard Nichols (horn), J. Fred Powell (trumpet), George Dougherty, IV (trumpet), Dave Brown (bass trombone), Corey Dawson (tuba)

  • Saturday Sep 16 Doors open 6:30PM Show starts 7:30PM
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    $100 Adults
    $80 Seniors
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    Elkhart County Symphony 2017-18 Season Package

    Highlighting talented musicians with Elkhart County connections, join the Orchestra as we celebrate our 70th season! Featuring:

    • The Power of Brass (9/16)
    • Ring In the Holiday (12/16)
    • Marimba Magic (2/11)
    • The Symphony Meets the Beat-Box (4/14).

  • Sunday Sep 17 Doors open 1:30PM Show starts 2:30PM
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    Purdue Varsity Glee Club

    The Purdue Club of Elkhart County Foundation is excited to once again be bringing the world-famous Purdue Varsity Glee Club to The Lerner Theater on September 17th, 2017. This is the major fund-raiser of the Foundation, so that scholarships can be awarded to students from Elkhart County who are attending Purdue University, with most recently over $23,000 being awarded to qualified students. A dynamic program of music of all types will be presented, but audiences are continually amazed that Purdue does not have a School of Music - Glee Club members major in all types of challenging academics including engineering, pharmacy, education, agriculture, business, etc. Joining the Glee Club on stage this year will be the award-winning mixed show-choir from NorthRidge High School - Lyric Lights. This will be an afternoon you won't want to miss.

  • Saturday Sep 23 Doors open 7:00PM Show starts 8:00PM
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    Bubblegum Pop Tour

    If you are looking for a fun & family-friendly event that everyone in your family, from toddlers to grandparents, can enjoy, then the BubbleGum Tour show is just what you are looking for.

    You can sit back and relax knowing that all of the songs the performers are going to sing for your enjoyment are happy songs. The songs that bring back the good old days for you. These are songs that will transport you back to a time when life was simple and music had one main purpose: to make you smile and sing along.

    You will find yourself and those around you losing all sense of time as the worries and cares of the world simply fade into another place and you are loost in the songs that you have not heard for a very long time.

    The tight backing band that is the the core of the "Heywoods" play the music the way that you surely remember. As one after another the singers belt out their to tapping rockers or melt hearts and bring back the tears and smiles with that touching ballad.

    This is not merely a concert or a show, it is an event. It is something that will have memories for everyone.


    Dennis Tufano (Original Voice of the Buckinghams)

    Bo Donaldson and the Heywoods

    1910 Fruitgum Company

    Peter Rivera (Original Voice & Drums for Rare Earth)

    Line-up subject to change

  • Wednesday Sep 27 Doors open 10:00AM Show starts 11:00AM
    General Admission


    Lunchtime Live! Free Concert featuring Celia Weiss - September

    Celia Weiss shares her talents as an organist, pianist and accompanist by both performing and teaching. She has been the organist for First Presbyterian Church in Elkhart since 1975, and is an adjunct professor with the Raclin School of Arts at IU South Bend. She performs regularly at The Lerner on the historic 1924 Kimball organ.

  • Saturday Sep 30 Doors open 7:00PM Show starts 8:00PM
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    Here Come the Mummies: The Friction Tour

    It's been a long and dusty road since 1922 when, at a dig in the desert south of Tunis, Professor Nigel Quentin Fontanelle Dumblucke IV (1895-) unearthed the ruins of an ancient discotheque to find a dozen undead Egyptian mummies inexplicably throwing down what he dubbed, "Terrifying Funk From Beyond the Grave." From these hovering souls, who called themselves Here Come The Mummies, Professor Dumb Iucke learned of the powerful curse that doomed them to wander the earth, seeking the ultimate riff, the one that may allow their spirits to rest after eons of, as they put it, "banging out solid fly grooves, y'all."

    But their story was murky at best... What is clear is that these saucy specters resurfaced around the turn of the Millennium. Without so much as a hot bath, HCTM would open for P-Funk and AI Green, rock Super Bowl Village 2012, become regulars on The Bob and Tom Show and at massive festivals like Summerfest and Musikfest, and make themselves the darlings of sell-out crowds over wide swaths of North America. Maybe that's why the ladies (and some dudes) can't stop losing their minds over these mayhem-inducing mavens of mirth.

    2013 saw HCTM pool what remained of their dusty hearts, addled brains, and withered appendages to make Cryptic, their acclaimed sixth studio album. 2014 has been HCTM's most prolific year to date! Three of five scheduled 5-song EPs have been released so far: A La Mode, Pull it Off, and Shocker. An adapted version of Rejuvannihilation, a new full-length concert film, is airing across the US on Public Television's Front and Center.

    Some say they were cursed after deflowering a great Pharaoh's daughter. Others claim they are reincarnated Grammy-Winning studio musicians. Regardless, HCTM's mysterious personas, cunning song-craft, and unrelenting live show will bend your brain, and melt your face. Get ready, Here Come The Mummies.

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