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  • Friday Apr 07 Doors open 6:30PM Show starts 7:30PM
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    $17.50 Adults
    $15 Seniors
    $12.50 Students
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    Silent Movie Experience: The King of Kings

    With this silent-era spectacle, Cecil B. DeMille cemented his reputation as the master of the biblical epic. Calling the “King of Kings” a cinematic masterpiece barely begins to do it justice, and this Criterion Collection release is absolutely beautiful, turning the widespread notion of silent movies completely on its head.  This print looks like it could have been made yesterday, not 1927, boasting some incredible special effects for it time. Featuring organist Brett Valliant.

    After driving the sin out of Mary Magdalene (Jacqueline Logan) and raising Lazarus (Kenneth Thomson) from the dead, Jesus (H.B. Warner) enters into Jerusalem, where Judas (Joseph Schildkraut) conspires to have him turned over to the authorities. After the Last Supper, Jesus goes to Gethsemane, where he is taken prisoner, and thereafter tried under Pontius Pilate (Victor Varconi) and crucified. He is buried and, as foretold in scripture, resurrected three days later.

  • Saturday Apr 15 Doors open 6:30PM Show starts 7:30PM
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    $30 Adults
    $25 Seniors
    $15 Students

    Eligible for the Gateway Mile
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    Elkhart County Symphony: Hillary Reynolds and Peridot - It Takes Three

    Enjoy Hillary Reynolds’ smooth vocals of introspective folk with her trio featuring cello, guitar and other instruments and artfully  presented with the Orchestra.  She said "We marry folk songs with pop melodies, drawing inspiration from elusive emotions that we all feel, but often struggle to articulate. They’re subtle and powerful and they aren’t easily described by familiar words like 'love' and 'heartbreak.' Most of the time, they are more complicated than that. Peridot is an exploration of universal emotional hues, and we hope every song is a fingerprint." - Hillary Reynolds, Peridot. Also discover the winner of our Annual Wanna Be a Conductor Campaign.

    Eligible for the Gateway Mile Loyalty Card discount.

  • Wednesday Apr 26 Doors open 10:00AM Show starts 11:00AM
    General Admission


    Lunchtime Live! Free Concert Featuring Johnny Dawson

    Johnny Dawson has been playing music all his life. He started out as a drummer in a little 4 piece rock & roll band in the late 60's (Beatles inspired of course). He decided, after a couple of years, that he wanted to sing. So he picked up a guitar.

    The rest, as they say, is history. Johnny has played in country, country rock, and rock & roll bands for years. Because of some encouragement by family and friends, he started performing solo. He added some new technology, such as a vocal harmonizer and a modern drum machine, and he's having a ball.

    Johnny plays a mix of classic rock, pop, blues, a little country, and some things you've never heard before.

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