In Concert: A Collection of Contemporary Works

The work of eight Midwest choreographers will provide a wide range of styles including six premiers in the spring performances of "In Concert". Chicago-area artists Julie Cartier, Jeremy Plummer, Salena Watkins and Donna Ziegler will add their choreography to that of resident choreographers Lea Thomas, Jaci Mullins and Jenn Wolfe. The residency of Cartier was made possible through grants from the Indiana Arts Commission and a grant from ArtsEverywhere. Truly presenting choices for every taste, the program will include strong, high-energy dances as well as introspective and whimsical selections. Performers will include PDC adult, PDC II and Apprentice dancers and, as part of its community outreach, an appearance by dancers of the Dance III Program of Penn High School. In addition to being an exciting cultural event appropriate for all ages, this is an opportunity to enjoy live performance dance at its best and something all students of dance should attend.

Show Times

Sunday Mar 17 Doors open 1:00PM Show starts 2:00PM
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Reserved Seating

$17 Adults
$12 Students
$20 Adults AT DOOR
$15 Students AT DOOR
Buy two adult tickets at $20 each and receive a student ticket free.