The 1924 Kimball Organ at The Lerner

The 1924 Kimball pipe organ located in Elkhart, Indiana’s Lerner Theatre is one of only three Kimball pipe organs currently installed in its original location. The organ was restored following the 2011 renovation of the theatre which opened on Thanksgiving Day, 1924.

After the restoration, a crew of nearly 20 from Bunn-Minnick Pipe Organs of Columbus, Ohio, spent three weeks hoisting equipment and filling the two pipe chambers with more than 1,000 pipes.  The project absorbed nearly 10,000 man hours for the crew over a year.


Looks are one thing, but wait until you hear it! Pipe Dream, the video documentary of the restoration process, is now available for purchase.  In this video you will not only see and hear the organ being played but you will follow the restoration process from an unplayable, water damaged organ to the beautiful instrument that it is today. You will meet the people with Bunn=Minnick who were involved in the restoration process and peek over their shoulders as they resurrect the organ using their artistic abilities.