Win free front-row tickets to Get The Led Out concert in online Led Zeppelin trivia challenge

February 12, 2016

Can you recite every word of the lyrics to “Stairway to Heaven”? Even the “bustle in your hedgerow” part?

Do you know how the band Led Zeppelin got its name? Better yet, do you know what the band was named before it was Led Zeppelin?

If you answered “yes” to any of those questions, then we’d like you to further test your Led Zeppelin knowledge against other fans in The Elkhart Truth’s real-time, online trivia challenge at 7 p.m. Tuesday

Test your knowledge of the legendary rock band against other Led Zeppelin fans in our virtual trivia contest and you could win a pair for front-row tickets to the Get The Led Out concert at the Lerner Theatre on Feb. 26. Plus, you’ll get a chance to meet backstage with the Get The Led Out, one of the nation’s premier Led Zeppelin tribute bands.

We’ll also be handing out two pairs of seats in the first five rows to the second- and third-place winners.

The trivia game is free, and easy to enter, but make sure you brush up on your knowledge of Led Zeppelin and Get The Led Out because the completion will be tough.

So, put on your Jimmy Page T-shirt and get the lead out by emailing your name and phone number right now to [email protected]. We’ll contact you the day before the trivia contest with all the details needed to join the fun. This is just like trivia night at the local bar – only it will all take place online.

The contest is co-sponsored by The Elkhart Truth and Get The Led Out, aka “The American Led Zeppelin.

If you’d like tickets and more information on the Feb. 26 concert, visit