The Lerner Hosts the Elkhart Humane Society's Fundraising Efforts

April 05, 2012

Outside The Lerner Theater Wednesday, with five small dogs from the Humane Society of Elkhart County watching, prowled a woman in a cat costume, holding a sign that read, �All cats go to heaven too.� She was protesting the title of the movie being shown inside.

The Lerner hosted a movie event for the Humane Society, showing the movie �All Dogs Go To Heaven,� which wasn�t inclusive enough for this protesting cat.

For parents wondering what to do with their children during spring break, this was just the thing, and it was for a good cause, too, for all pets.

The Humane Society showed the movie in support of its donation drive in the lobby of the theater to help raise money for its animal shelter program.

�We�re very pleased with the turnout. We got a substantial amount of pet supplies as well as monetary donations,� said Anne Reel, executive director of the Humane Society.

The Lerner movie project took two weeks for Pet Showcase co-coordinators Becky Waltz and Lori Mischke to put together, though they said it may have begun earlier.

�We certainly hope,� we can do this again with The Lerner, they both agreed.

About 400 people filed into the Crystal Ballroom to watch the movie.

�I counted it about half an hour ago and it was at about 350,� said Phil Patnaude, one of the theater technicians running lights and sound for the show.

Most of the audience was made up of children.

�It was a great event for the community because it gave families something to do during spring break,� Reel said.

Not only is it important for parents to have fun things to do with their children during spring break, but it�s important for the Humane Society, as well.

�It�s important for us to be visible because it helps families be able to ask about the Humane Society and learn about the total scope of what we do,� Reel said.