Red Hot Chilli Pipers Bring Bagpipes to Lerner Stage

August 11, 2013

The Red Hot Chilli Pipers hit the stage at the Lerner Theatre on Sunday afternoon, Aug. 11, with a lot of energy.

The Scottish bagpipe band rocked the theater with opening acts Kennedy’s Kitchen and 11-year-old Liam McCrindle, an Elkhart County boy who Lerner general manager David Smith met while hosting an event at the theater.

“It was completely entertaining, and it hit me when they covered ‘Low Rider’ that the first official concert held at the Lerner following its grand opening was the band War, and that’s one of their biggest hits,” Smith recalled. “That would have been almost two years ago to the date. I think that speaks to the diversity of our space and our programming at the Lerner over the past couple of years.”

Sunday’s concert filled roughly 450 seats.

“We weren’t expecting a huge number with it being a Sunday show and a matinee, but the people that were there were engaged in the performance, and everybody I spoke to upon departure said to bring them back,” Smith said.